Why iDry

The iDRY system is very effective at drying wood without damaging or darkening due to the low pressure(vacuum) environment, in fact the low oxygen environment actually contributes to the bright colors that result from the vacuum drying process. Our iDRY Plus kiln holds 4000 Board fleet of material and utilizes a vacuum to lower the temperature at which water boils (evaporates) in a controlled environment that protects the color and conditions of the woods thru the drying process with a shorter drying cycle than other drying techniques. We’re not just milling wood; we are offering a product that is project ready.

iDry Process

Pre-Kiln Moisture Check

After air drying, moisture content is checked before wood enters the kiln and the Delmhorst Pin Hammer gives us accurate readings so we have a better understanding of the drying cycle your material needs.

Continuous Moisture Content Monitering

The iDRY wireless technology makes it possible to monitor the moisture of the wood during the drying process which eliminates extra time and money for us and our drying customers.

Calculator for Drying Prices

Use our calculator below to get an estimation of the drying duration and associated cost for your load.

Ready to Work with Us?

We are TreeHuggers at heart and work to reclaim Iowa trees that are often discarded and considered waste material. Tree removal is necessary for the health of our Urban Forest, and when in the hands of a crew who cares they can have a second life as beautiful wood slabs and dimensional lumber.
From Removal To Revival, We Cut Because We Care