Lucas Mill Slabs & Lumber

With the Lucas Saw Mill’s circular swing blade and slabbing abilities, we offer live edge slabs, dimensional lumber, quarter sawn logs, and flattened material. We mill our own logs and offer custom milling services for customers as well.


Flattening Services

1-Hour Minimum / $100 per hour

Having your slabs flattened before they leave our yard can take your wood one step closer to a finished project. This service removes warping and twists that can occur during drying. Wood was once a living tree and can continue to move and sway during the finishing process, we can help you leave with a straight slab ready for production.

Milling Services

1-Hour Minimum / $100 per hour

Our Lucas mill allows us to cut large logs and offer unique slab dimensions. Big logs equal big slabs wich can be a rare find for unique projects. Pair that with the IDRY Plus Kiln that is able to dry large slabs and we have a beautiful partnership for some of Central Iowa’s oldest trees to become an heirloom piece when placed in the hands of local Craftsmen and woodworkers

*An additional $75 fee for Blade or Chain replacements should we find metal in your wood

Log and Lumber Transportation

Fees vary per location

Do you need delivery, we can help. We have equipment available to get your wood to the mill and kiln and back again.

Tree Removal Services From Our TreeHugger Crew

We are a locally owned, family operated tree removal company and our passion for trees is what has led us to this moment in time. If you have a tree that is ready for a second life, we can help. Our TreeHugger crew is there from first phone call to finished wood products and it all began with a simple sentence that still rings true for our crew. We Cut Becasue We Care and we hope that it shows.

Locally Sourced Premium Wood Slabs & Lumber

We are TreeHuggers at heart and work to reclaim Iowa trees that are often discarded and considered waste material. Tree removal is necessary for the health of our Urban Forest, and when in the hands of a crew who cares they can have a second life as beautiful wood slabs and dimensional lumber.

From Removal To Revival, We Cut Because We Care